About First 15

We live in a fast-paced, busy world that consumes our time and energy leaving us little time to recharge. Do you remember how you felt when you last read a book that left you feeling energized, inspired, and ready to take on the day?

At First15 we realize that change is incremental, and have designed a program to create “sustainable change”. There is no “quick fix” and we must continually work on ourselves to achieve personal growth.

The First15 Reading Program is designed to educate, refresh, and energize your employees. The books they will read are the “how to” of leadership and motivation. A renewed enthusiasm will be contagious, creating an environment which encourages everyone to “raise the bar” to new levels of happiness and achievement within your Business.  In essence, by adopting the First15 program, you will create your own on-site, self-administered, soft skills training program.

The Program begins with Management's desire to enhance the effectiveness and personal growth of the associates within the Business.  We then create a customized reading program comprised of carefully selected books from the leading business, inspirational, and self-help authors in the industry. The average reader can read 12 pages in 15 minutes. The typical book is 150 pages, resulting in approximately 20 books read per year per employee. Can you imagine the impact on your Business if each person would read just 12 non-fiction books this year? Most Americans will not read 1 non-fiction book this year, let alone 12.

One of the crucial parts of our program is the digital tracking which charts the progress of your business in real time.  The initial 5 month program will be broken down into 6 order periods. A new supply of titles will arrive on a timely basis to insure that your “library” stays fresh and contains the right books-at the right time.

After 6 months, we begin to tailor the readings to more specific needs, typically by department or employee roles- further creating “sustainable change” within your Business.

Contact us today to create your customized Reading Program!