Implementing the First15 reading program will position your Business for improved employee engagement, growth, and ultimately, profitability. As your employees start reading the First 15 minutes of each day, you will notice subtle changes almost immediately and significant improvements over the first 5 months of the Program.

It is a known fact; there is a direct correlation between reading and success. Daily reading of non-fiction books begins to change the mind, which in turn will impact attitude- resulting in a happier, healthier person with an improved outlook on life. In addition, employees will learn more about business, provide improved customer service, and help raise the morale of the others they interact with.

In a nutshell, our program is designed to address the mental wellness of the Company’s employees. As an added benefit, the books also serve as a “soft-skills” training program designed to produce a more energized, higher-skilled workforce, with a substantially greater level of employee satisfaction and competency. This happens simply because you are willing to invest in the person-their health and their growth.